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'The writing is fabulously blackly comic and timed to perfection.'  

Deirdre O'Halloran Literary Associate, Soho Theatre.

''The bastard child of 'Dog Day Afternoon... A must see' - Rachel Mount

''A fast-paced, wise-cracking, full-on thriller of a show. Very well written and emotionally charged. Funny and moving by turns. A great, intimate, surprising night out''.   Danielle Chapman

''Unexpected, powerful, brilliant, great and pertinent subject matter - surprising and moving.  10/10''.  Doon Mackichan

"Brilliant show. Really enjoyed it. Very inspiring."  Sally Holloway - comedian

‘’Bleak as , but, utterly fabulous and captivating’’  Audience member The Garage

Press release:

Time Please is a new work by writer / performers John Knowles and Kate Tym. A darkly-comic play, set in a run-down pub in a never up-and-coming part of town. The over-riding grimness being offset by the misplaced optimism of barman Steve, and the epic sarcasm of his wife, Cath.  Enter, Keith Goodman, shambolic and drunk and with a planet-size chip on his shoulder.  Keith is chock-full of wild conspiracy theories and grudges and has a hatched a plan to get his story heard and so begins a lock-in like no other.

Kate Tym and John Knowles have written and performed together for around five years. Their work has been described as hilarious and deeply-disturbing by turns. Kate and John like to perform in unconventional spaces and do away with raised stages and proscenium arches - preferring to be in a setting where the intimacy of the audience is essential to the atmosphere of the piece.

For a full EPK please contact John at fetchtheatre@gmail.com

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