Cast and Crew

Writers: John Knowles and Kate Tym 

Producer: Fetch Theatre

Director: John Knowles

Logo design: Ursula McLaughlin

Sound and LX design: John Knowles

Joshua Pascoe as Keith Goodman

Joshua Bill Pascoe has been acting professionally from the age of 10. His first role for Disney in " Breakkids" playing a sneaky teachers pet. "Life In The Underpass" At 15 he was offered the role of Ben Mitchell in "Eastenders" which had explosive story lines such as being bullied , coming out as gay and killing a close friend . Joshua then had the opportunity to work along side Lee Mack in Not Going out where he played Razorblade , a young boy who mugged Lee but eventually was forced to return his belongings by his Nan. Joshua also appeared at The National Theatre in  "Common". 

Joshua will also be performing Punched as a world premiere at The Edinburgh Fringe it's also Joshua's first time at the Fringe.

Andrew Fleming as Steve Wilmott

Andrew is a gifted mimic, strong vocalist and intuitive character actor. Inventive and extremely quick-witted, he truly is multi-talented. He performs his own shows as well as appearing in professional theatre productions and is a versatile voice artist.

Verity-Rae Martin as Cath Wilmott

Verity-Rae Martin is an actress and casting director, known for Godforsaken (2010), Nightmare on 34th Street (2019) and Needles (2010).

John Knowles writer/director/co-producer

His innate sense of drama and storytelling informs all his work, and imbues a depth to his current performance and writing that combines the fairy tale prince with the slightly scary monster, delivered with great humour. Robin Auld - Creative Director Tuff - Paris

John Knowles is a writer / performer with a growing reputation for his monologues based on theatrical characters: 'Toby Belch is Unwell' 'A must see' Prague Fringe 2019, 'Caliban's Codex' and 'Fiction Romance'. John is also planning a tour of his play 'Bar Barian' in Serbia in 2020 as well as developing a new play to tour the UK canal system in 2020, 'The Grit of Life' with music by Rory McLeod. 


John's work is edgy, dark and humorous and pulls no punches. This his latest piece is a personal exploration of male violence, the anger of the white male working classes and of the rise of the Alt-Right and the anti-PC backlash currently swelling up like the fatbergs of putrid filth, under our seemingly safe suburban streets. 

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