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B i o g r a p h y

Sidney Kean


Sidney's career has spanned over four and a half decades and has included extensive work in the theatre, cinema, television and radio. Naturally, he is equally at home in all these different fields. He is especially gifted at picking up accents and dialects from around this country and the rest of the world and making them sound natural and native.

It was in the Reps and National Tours that he learnt the art of "deliberately staying there, watching and listening to other performers". It is often said that the best Actors are the ones that listen... Sidney is a past master at this art.

He has superb comic timing as well as magnetic stage presence. He is also a breeze to work with!

John Knowles

John trained as a theatre designer and worked in rep and touring for years before weirdly ending up designing theme park rides and attractions.


Since moving to Hastings John has  produced and managed a huge variety if arts projects and is well known on the arts scene having been involved in poetry, comedy, live arts, world music and theatre events.


John is now concentrating on writing and performing and  currently has a number of live  theatrical projects including: 'Hitleria Pizzeria Part I and I' and 'Time Please' which will be appearing in the 2017 Brighton Fringe Festival. 

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