Time Please


'The writing is fabulously blackly comic and timed to perfection.'  

Deirdre O'Halloran Literary Associate Soho Theatre.

Keith: 'Everyone of us colours things with the crayons that we have?' 

Steve: 'God Keith, you don't half talk bollocks sometimes'


Keith Goodman is a wronged man. He’s lost his kids, his house, his playstation... oh and his wife, and none of it is his fault.


Shambolic and drunk, Keith hatches a plan to share his plight with the world and so begins a night that sees ever-appeasing barman, Steve, and his feisty wife, Cath, in a lock-in like no other.

We are pleased to be supporting the work of Solace at performances of the play.

Image courtesy of Peter Mould

A Fiction Romance- Antonio's Story


'A Fiction Romance' is the third in the Shakespeare monologues series and explores the life of the  secondary characters in the Bard's plays. Antonio's story sees Antonio, from Twelfth Night, reflecting on a love that was all consuming and unrequited. 

From the writer of 'Caliban's Codex' and 'Toby Belch (is unwell), comes a tale of love unrequited, of one man's odyssey for the lover he will never have. For anyone who has ever sighed for your 'Sebastian' whoever they may be. 

From an idea by Emily Carding, featuring Patrick Kealey and with songs by Bob Tipler. Directed by John Knowles

Running time 40 min

Full Length (First Heard script reading)



Short clip from the finished production


Twelth-Night.mp3Bob Tipler
00:00 / 03:28

Image courtesy of Peter Mould



Image courtesy of Peter Aurisch

'Punched' is a new monologue by John Knowles, exploring the rise of the angry white working class through the eyes of recently unemployed 'Punched' a Punch and Judy puppeteer. 

'And I did look around and I did see all the broken men like me, all the broken men breaking themselves on the white cliffs and all they held dear to be something they could never be, the salt of the earth that did stand at Agincourt and put two fingers up to the French, the salt of the earth that did build an empire on our bones and blood and the salt of the earth that in our darkest hour.. and I did look at all the bones and blood and I hated all that had taken its place'

Performance Joshua Bill Pascoe. Music by Foz Foster.

Running time 40 min

Fetch are pleased to announce they will be working with Solace on Punched. 

'Punched' will be performed at this years Brighton Fringe Festival at Sweet Venue, The Werks and has been funded by Arts Council England.


Solace has supports women and children in London to build safe and strong lives, free from domestic abuse and sexual violence. No matter whatever form violence comes in, from rape to trafficking to relationships based on psychological or financial control, they work to end it. Summoning the strength to report abuse, and trust that there is support available can be the hardest thing to do. Last year they supported over 16,000 women and children with specialist services so they can start to rebuild their lives. But reaching everyone who can benefit from their life-saving services needs help. Stand with Solace to end violence and abuse now. 

Bar Barian / Бар Бариан


An absurd comedy drama set in a Serbia, where bar owner Emil has, for unknown reasons, started wearing a Hitler style moustache and hair cut.

'Like, Last of the Summer Wine set in Sarajevo' audience member scratch performance in Hastings. 

'Bar Baria' 'Бар Бариан'is being developed with The Balkan Producing House for a tour in Serbia 2020, alongside shows in London and Coventry.

'The writing is fabulously blackly comic and timed to perfection.'  

Deirdre O'Halloran Literary Associate Soho Theatre on Time Please.

'Toby Belch is Unwell, beautifully written by John Knowles and passionately performed by Sidney Kean...' The writing is...' impeccably and intricately structured. Poignant and resonant'.

Emily Carding (Richard The III - Brite Theatre)

'The writing is witty, the characters sharply drawn, the performances assured.'

Kent Barker Hastings Independent Press


'Stunning piece, I was blown away by the show on sat night, sharp wry script, great use of meta theatre'.

Oh my god my sides hurt, that was the best Christmas show I've ever seen'  

Audience member at The Palace - Hastings. 

'You MUST GET A ticket for this show if you can !!! Comic genius in our town !!' 
Jo Poulton

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