The Mary Celeste & The Beast of the Bowery


A priest, a cabin boy and a woman bound in chains, all set adrift from the ill-fated Mary Celeste.

A full moon beckons. 

A tense new drama from John Knowles

(Four Stars 'Time Please'  Edinburgh 2019). 

Starring: Maxine Dubois (Coronation St and Emmerdale & The Frolicks, Sidney Kean (Girl from the North Country) and Marc Twinn ( Three and half stars 'Shadow of the Rose' Edinburgh 2019).

Co-directed with Dominique Gerrard 

Song courtesy of 'Buckets of Blood' The Great Malarkey

The Stables Theatre - Hastings

20th & 21st of January (tickets through the Stables Theatre)

The Grit of Life is a new play with music, commissioned by Ha Ha Films Limited, which explores the real life of the canal system, past and present. With music by acclaimed folk musician Rory McLeod and text by lyrical writer John Knowles, this is an engaging travelog through time and the waterways, mixing real life stories, comedy, pathos and historical facts. This two hour show plays from the Widgeon Theatreboat to assembled audiences on tow-paths and quays and will be touring the Northern Canal System and London in 2021 (having had a short trial run in 2020). 

For further information go to: 

WaterproofRory McLeod
00:00 / 05:45

The third in the Twelfth Night Trilogy of monologues, 'The Devil's Doorbell' is a play exploring dualism, double identities and  fluid sexualities as seen through Viola's experience.

Viola, married at the end of Twelfth Night to the Duke Orsino, who fell in love with her not as a woman, but as a young boy, finds that the Duke's interest lie in other quarters when it comes to sexual encounters. Viola finds solace and excitement in the dark and dangerous clubs of Wehrmacht Germany, where to express sexuality is to find oneself in danger, labelled as a degenerate or as the Duke would say 'A corruption to the court'. 

The play opens shortly after the club has been raided by the Dukes men, leaving the club broken and lead diva Jo Jo, dead. With songs from Jacques Brel this is a play being developed by Fetch Theatre in association with Sweet Productions.

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