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The Mary Celeste & The Beast of the Bowery

Mary Celeste'

A priest, a cabin boy and a woman bound in chains, all set adrift from the ill-fated Mary Celeste.

A full moon beckons. 

A tense new drama from John Knowles

(Four Stars 'Time Please'  Edinburgh 2019). 

Starring: Maxine Dubois (Coronation St and Emmerdale & The Frolicks, Sidney Kean (Girl from the North Country) and Hannah Harris  (The Grit of Life).

Co-directed with Dominique Gerrard 

Song courtesy of 'Buckets of Blood' The Great Malarkey

Development supported by Hawkwood College and the 

Francis W Reckitt Arts Trust

We are fund raising to help the development of a new musical aimed at young people, which explores themes around global warming  and reconciliation (between those who could have made the difference and surviving future communities). We have already received some funding from a private backer to help develop the script and initial team building. Now we would like to raise the next set of funds to bring together our young songwriter, Finn, thirteen years old (creating an opportunity for this talented young songwriter) and Maisy Beth Crunden an inspiring and up and coming singer songwriter

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The Devil's Doorbell

A new play from award winning writer John Knowles and the third part of the Twelfth Night Trilogy. Viola seeks solace and escapism amongst the masked and gilded night life of JoJo's. Escaping from a sexless marriage and life of coercion and court intrigue. Her final act, to break free from the gilded cage and take to the road.


Sponsored by: Coastal and City Management Ltd 

Devils Doorbell shows in Hastings September 10th (The Beacon, West Hill) and 11th (The Regency rooms, Crown House)

Devil's Doorbell

A big thank you to Simply Masquerade for supplying prop masks and the hand painted mask for Hannah


The Night Witches

A play exploring the incredible courage of the women of the 588 squadron who flew night bombing missions on the Russian / German front during WWII.


To each they were sisters, with bonds forged in blood and terror. To the Red Army Air Force they were an infuriating feminist sideshow. To the Germans they were 'Nichthexen - The Night Witches' 

The play being developed by Fetch Theatre with support from Eastbourne Council and Eastbourne College.  

The Night Witches
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