New plays in development

At Fetch we are constantly developing new ideas and plays, below is a selection of plays which have made it to First Heard, our new play reading project held at The Electric Palace Cinema on the third Wednesday of the month. We are always interested in hearing from new local playwrights and in producers looking for new works. 

Pre show sellBuckets of Blood The Great Malarkey
00:00 / 00:52

A drift, a priest a cabin boy and a woman in chains. All bound to one another, all cast out by those they have left behind. A full moon ...awaits.

A dark tale from John Knowles

Two Fools - or The Dina Drop

Two fools meet on a bridge, one to jump to his death, the other to make a leap of faith.

What can two fools tell us, in an age of fools?

Featuring the music of Leo Sayer. 

Ringing the Devil's Doorbell - Viola's Tale

What happens when you live a lie, when you wear a mask for too long? What happens when you reveal your true self for yourself. A tale of duplicity, disguise and decadence, with songs from Jacques Brel.

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