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The Seancehe 

'Zoom, the medium of choice, for a medium in lock-down.'

Ghost in the Machine - The Seance.jpg

The Seance is a new short comedy with a twist by John Knowles featuring leading actors from Hastings and St Leonards. The Seance has been written specifically for actors in lock-down using Zoom as a medium to create new work. 


Starring (in order of appearance). 

Emily Carding (‘Ghost Stories’), Sabina Arthur (‘Game of Thrones’), Sidney Kean (‘Berberian Sound Studio’ and Girl from the North Country’), Patrick Kealey (Artistic Director - Theatre Nation), John Knowles (‘Time Please’), Susan Elliott and Dominique Gerrard(‘The Barrier’ - Park theatre). Directed by Dominique Gerrard (‘Quintessence’), film and sound editing by Emily Carding.


This is a Fetch Theatre production.

If you want to support our work in lock down you can do so through Buy me a coffee at:

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Ghost in the machine

One hit wonders 'Flock of Sparrows' are enticed out of retirement to revive their careers, but find themselves facing the consequences of their pasts. A dark comedy for lovers of 80's synth music!

Written by John Knowles and edited by Emily Carding featuring: Emily Carding, Patrick Kealey, Sidney Kean, John Knowles, with music (not lyrics) by The Vile Electrodes).

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