Caliban's Codex


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In the twelve years since Propero's departure, Caliban has painstakingly sifted through the ashes of the books of magic, slowly piecing together a new language and a way to save this island from mankind's abuse.

'There is no welcome here for you, your kind.

Mankind, for there is nothing kind in man.'

Caliban's Books is a new monologue by the writer John Knowles (Toby Belch is Unwell and Hitelria Pizzeria Parts I & II) created with Emily Carding (Richard III - Brite Theatre).  Written in iambic pentameter, this one-woman show explores loss, abuse and magic.

The show runs at around 40-50min. 

Caliban's Codex 

Will premiere at the Prague Fringe Festival 2018. and will tour Prague, Brighton and Edinburgh Festivals in 2019

'This is a brilliant creation. Caliban finally comes into his own - battered and bruised, hideous but full of intelligence and cunning and feeling. Emily Carding fully inhabits this creature (for he is proud not to be completely human).  He rages, curses, wails and mourns, furious and frustrated. And alone. How disappointing that the show was only able to be performed twice on one day, but it will be performed again. It must be.'  

Caliban's Codex will be available for touring from September 2018.

Toby Belch (is unwell)


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Toby Belch is Unwell

The life of one of Shakepeare's better known, but still, minor characters.

Toby Belch, is un-well, the years of drinking, late nights and debauchery have taken there toll and now he faces his end with the knowledge that he is seen as a buffoon, a drunken sot and a bully.

''A virtuoso bit of writing with a complex array of themes''

''An imaginative amplification of Shakespeare's Toby Belch, with moods ranging from the sentimental and nostalgic to envious, funny and sharp''

Simone Witney - Hastings Independent.

'A top performance, mixing spit, sniggers & pathos in equal measure. Acutely accurate acting of an amazingly observed script. We loved it. Pls entertain us again soon.' Jenny Barrett Robertsbridge Arts Partnership


Shadow of The Rose


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Sophie Scholl - The White Rose

'Shadow of The Rose' premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 with a THREE STAR review

Based on actual transcripts and letters, this is a metatheatre approach to the telling of the true story of The White Rose Group, their capture, trial and subsequent execution in February 1943. 

The play has been written  by John Knowles and will feature students from the PQA academy. For further information contact John through Fetch Theatre. 

Running time 50 min

'V' by Tony Harrison

'V is an angry, rueful reflection on Leeds-born Harrison's estrangement from his working class roots and the divisions that scarred society in the mid-1980s, from the miners' strike to racism on the football terraces.' BBC website.

V is a "torrent of filth" Daily Mail 

A one act one hour performance by Jonny Magnanti, produced by John Knowles, with supporting sound and visuals. 


“A powerful performance that deserves to travel the Country.  ‘V’ works on so many levels”

Anthony Clavane – Writer journalist broadcaster


Image courtesy of Peter Mould

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